General FAQ's

1) Can I use my loan for anything?

Yes, you can use your loan amount for a variety of financial reasons like car repairing, home renovation etc.

2) Are there any extra and hidden fees?

We don't charge additional charge or application fees from our customers.

3) Do you offer secured loans?

Secured loans are not popular among borrowers' and that's why we only offer unsecured loans.

Application FAQ's

1) Who can apply for long term loans?

In order to apply for a long term loans, you must have:

a) 18 or above of age

b) Be a citizen or resident of Canada

c) Have a regular income or benefits

d) Must have a valid email, mobile number and a bank account.

2) What information do I have to submit to complete my loan application?

We recommend you to be ready the following information before applying for a loan:

a) Your residential proof

b) Your income payslip or benefit proof

c) Your debit card information ( if you want to repay your loan through debit card)

d) Your bank account number

3) How much time will I have to wait to receive funds?

Our team and lenders do work fast to release your money. Typically, it takes 10-15 minutes after approval to transfer your funds into bank account.

Repaying FAQ's

1) What happen if I'm unable to repay my loan?

If you're feeling that payback your loans is difficult, then immediately contact your lender and discuss a new payment plan that best suited you.

2) Can I repay my loan earlier?

Yes, you're most welcome to payback your loan earlier without any penalties.

3) How and when will I start repaying my loan?

Our loans are customized hence, you have full authority to choose your fixed due date. The due amount will be collected on every due date from your bank account or debit card.

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