How Does Your Loan Process Work?

Getting online loan from us is very simple and straightforward

Application: You can easily apply for our loan services by just filling a simple online application form. Simply choose the amount of money you need and repayment plan that best suits you with your correct information and submit it.

Review: Our lenders review your application and give the instant decision on it. Once your application is approved, your loan amount will be on its way.

Receipt: After your loan approved, your funds will be transferred to your mentioned bank account as soon as possible. As we transferred money daily to our borrowers, so our customers can't wait long for their funds.

Repayment: We make our repayment process easy and simple as possible we can for you. According to the contract, we will automatically debit the money from your bank account on the due date. This is the most convenient way for the borrowers to repay their loan on time without facing any late payment penalty.

What Kind of Loans Do You Offer?

Mainly we can provide two types of loans to our borrowers first are Bad Credit Loans and second are Unsecured Loans. These loans are very popular and beneficial for the people who required money instantly.

What are The Minimum and Maximum Amount That I Can Borrow?
With us, you can borrow minimum CA$ 100 and maximum up to CA$1000. Your loan amount totally depends upon your repayment capacity. As we are the responsible lender, so we make sure to give you loan amount that you can easily repay.

Are You Charged Any Application Fees?
There are no extra charges or hidden fees included when you get our online loan.

Does Credit Check Is Required?

A credit check is a part of our loan process but doesn't worry if you have a poor credit score because this is not an only criterion that we are looking for when making a decision. If you have a potential of your loan amount repayment then you definitely got loans from us.

How Much Time It Take To Get My Loan?
Once your application is approved, your funds will be transferred to your bank account on the same day.

Can I Repay My Loan Earlier?
Yes, it is possible and we would encourage our borrowers to repay earlier if they are able. There is no early repayment charge and it is the best choice for you because:

a) You feel comfortable after repaying your loan on time,

b) There no penalty or extra fees,

c) You can improve your credit score and trust score.