For students saving money is a difficult task when they have no source of income. Such students are fond of spending too much as per their interests on what they want to spend. There are certain benefits given by the government in Canada. Students can leverage to run their expenses without earning. They can save if they are ready to sacrifice their needs would be the first step for saving without earning. They need to stop spending on unnecessary stuff that they see around and they must avoid bad company in their schools and colleges.

Many tips can help to save money when not earning for students. They must be careful about their expenses and creating extra expenses throughout a day with a number of choices. Sometimes situation compels them to borrow from any of their friends who have money and their friend assist them from their saved money for an emergency. To avoid things happening like this ever students must understand the importance of money when they have because they are dependent yet.

I am going to give you certain tips for saving money that will help you to fix up your issues in case of no extra income:

  • Stop Eating Outside: Make a habit of taking lunch from home rather than you buy anything to eat from outside. If you keep on spending outer foods you will lose the saved money for weekends. (Rice crackers with butter, Vegemite and cheese are a delicious and undeniably thrifty meal.) Normal food in the comparison of lunch bar will not affect at a reasonable price will not affect your collection. Avoid buying chocolates, energy drinks if you have decided to save money because these will not satiate your hunger.
  • Make A Habit of Drinking Water: How many times you eat and drink a day. You will drink as much as you eat especially outside. A number of times you go for eating, a number of times you need to drink as a coffee, soft drink, a milkshake with dessert and especially an energy drink when your body is exhausted of energy. Always carry a water bottle before you need to move ahead to quench your thirst with liquid. By cutting off your drinking expenses, you can save up to C$40 a week.
  • Sell wasted stuff: Nobody has time to see what’s important lying down and what’s useless at home in a busy life. Especially your parents when they don’t get time for all this. You can see and check out what’s unnecessary stuff is there. You can collect them all and sell them to earn an income and this can relief your home from the congestion of that stuff. Making money without earning is very difficult and saving money without the earning source depends on you. By selling wasted stuff can be the option to save when you are not earning.
  • Don’t go out to get your hair cut: You are a student and you don’t have to be in the environment of professionals so you must help yourself with your haircutting. As a student rather than going to saloons for getting your hair cut will cost you more than you have saved. With the help of a mirror and someone in your family for haircutting, you can save money from being a student.
  • Fond of reading books: If you have become a bibliophile and you can’t live without reading. You don’t need to go for a brand new book with C$30 each week. With the help of internet surfing, you can go through for reading. There are certain libraries that keep almost all types of books. You can look into and get your favorite book to know the secrecy of the myth of the book. Seek out a way that will not cost you and you continue your saving with whatever you get from your family as a student.


For students without having an extra source of income, they need to be very careful about the spending of their pocket money. Because they are not working anywhere, by cutting their expenses within their homes on the internet, food, refreshment and costly clothes, they can easily save money what they get from their parents. At the age of teenage, money does not matter when they earn themselves it matters a lot to spend.

If you really need money for an emergency but don’t have it, then apply for instant payday loans Canada now! In the age of student, nobody might have enough ability to save money like elderly. And this is the reason we provide loan to them on their student benefits.

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